XAMS is one of the UK’s largest e-assessment platforms, and our core product. It is used and trusted by exam boards and other awarding organisations throughout the UK and overseas to deliver more than 500,000 secure assessment experiences every year.

Centrally manage online, offline and paper assessments

Unlike many equivalent products, XAMS allows you to integrate offline and paper assessments with online delivery. Not only does this make things more secure, it also means that assessments are much easier to manage and report on.

Affordable and adaptable

XAMS provides an affordable solution with the possibility of configuring the standard functionality to your particular requirements. It is easily ‘skinned’ to match the branding requirements of your organisation.


There is no need for locally installed software: XAMS is browser-based, and works on multiple platforms. Tests can be taken anywhere with an internet connection (although there is also an offline version available for when internet access isn’t possible).

Easy to use

XAMS is intuitive and easy to use by both assessment staff and students. It integrates seamlessly with existing registration, certification and portfolio systems, and is fully scalable, with low infrastructure and support overheads.

What you can do with XAMS

  • Create e-assessments, manage users, and set up test centres
  • Scan paper assessments and seamlessly manage all offline and online tests in one place
  • Carry out scheduling, delivery and instant reporting
  • Work collaboratively with fellow exam markers
  • Undertake sophisticated on-screen marking for essays
  • Provide a more user-friendly assessment experience for learners

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Need something different?

Our team will be happy to talk through your assessment requirements and can provide recommendations for alternative solutions via our consultancy service.