Coelrind designs and develops learning and assessment software for sectors including education, healthcare and the government. Our core product is XAMS, one of the UK’s leading e-assessment platforms, but we also offer extensive consultancy and training services. When 95% of your customers come back for more, you know you’re doing something right.

Our story

Coelrind was founded in 2013 to design and develop learning and assessment software that solves the problems modern organisations and industries face.

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Our values

From excellence and commitment to integrity and trust, we work hard to provide our clients with the best possible experience and value for money.

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Our process

We have extensive expertise in delivering successful software products, and use a robust but flexible process to get great results.

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Assessments: XAMS

XAMS is one of the UK’s largest e-assessment platforms, and our core product.

It is used and trusted by exam boards and other awarding organisations throughout the UK and overseas to deliver more than 500,000 secure assessment experiences every year.

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Consultancy and training

We offer a full range of consultancy and training services,

We offer a full range of consultancy and training services, providing you with access to our wide network of experts in technology-driven learning and assessment solutions.

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Think globally, act locally

Our team has over thirty years’ experience of delivering successful projects globally.

Latest News

Academic Integrity Online Proctoring

Strategies for Maintaining Exam Security in Online Learning

Maintaining the security of online exams is crucial to ensuring the integrity of assessments and the value of online education. As technology advances, so do the methods that institutions can employ to uphold exam security. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies for effectively safeguarding online exams. Authentication Protocols: Implement robust authentication protocols to verify…

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Partnerships and integrations